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"My child has fallen and the tooth including the root has come out!"

Do not clean the tooth. Scrubbing will remove the living cells on the tooth. Ensure the soft tissues are clean and stop bleeding. Phone the practice immediately. If your child has hit their head go directly to A&E. Place the tooth in milk, if this is not possible either keep it moist in water or carefully run it under water to remove debris place it inside your mouth between your teeth and your lip. You need to make it to the practice within 2 hours. If this is not going to be possible you may need to replace the tooth into the mouth. If you are sure the tooth is an adult tooth, gently run water on the tooth to remove debris and place it into the socket to the same level of the adjacent teeth. To keep the tooth in place you can gently mould tinfoil around the tooth and adjacent teeth to keep it in place.






We now stock a full range of Sonicare toothbrushes, call into the practice for a demonstration.