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"I have an ulcer!"

There are many different types of mouth ulcers. Your dentist will be happy to have a look and offer advice. Usually, however, ulcers heal themselves in about a week to 10 days, warm salty mouthwash, or chlorhexidine mouthwash can speed recovery, Bonjela can help ease the pain of a nasty ulcer. If you have a large or particularly sore mouth ulcer, a red, or bleeding ulcer, or if you are suffer from mouth ulcers frequently you should visit your dentist.

If you have a mouth ulcer due to loose dentures you should remove your dentures and rinse your mouth with warm salty mouthwash. Make an appointment to have your dentures adjusted. It is often helpful for the dentist if you put the sore dentures in an hour or two before the appointment so it is clear where the dentures are rubbing.

Other remedies

Adcortyl in Orobase is an ointment available over the counter which can help ulcers resolve quickly. It is a topical steroid ointment. This will be useful for ulcers on the inside of the cheeks but not for the tongue. Dry the area where the ulcer is and place a smear of the ointment on the ulcer and do not rinse for at least 30 minutes.

Corlan pellets are available over the counter and are useful for all mouth areas. Simply place the pellet on the ulcer and let the pellet dissolve. Do not rinse.



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